Innovation Lab

OTX Tech Scouts

At OTX International, we have a keen eye on the latest innovation that could be useful to support the mission. This could include at the research level in universities, early stage companies or larger companies wanting to help

OTX Innovation Fund

The OTX International Innovation Fund is designed to turn charitable donations into investment into tech that support our humanitarian mission. Whether it is to help transition tech from research to a deployable product, or to pivot an existing use-case to support humanitarian work, the OTX Innovation Fund provides investment to find the way

OTX Sandbox

As tech develops, it needs to be tested and evaluated. Through our humanitarian work, OTX provides a real-life sandbox environment that not only supports our mission directly, but also provides a real and usable place to demonstrate usability and traction for further development and investment

OTX Tech Partners

These companies are some of those who have provided support to OTX during our missions and we are grateful for their support: